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Collin (Nommy) Worthington
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20th-Aug-2013 11:16 pm - Witchblood Plot - Post 8
8. Aftermath (09/01, Evening)
*Post is for: Errybody
*Post is by: Anyone? Probably Karla unless someone else wants it

*Thread 1: Karla gonna murder Raven DONE

*Thread 2: Jono got a lungful of witchblood. TO-DO

Raven's going to sure as hell try to heal him, but she'll be verrrrrrry weak after the teleport so we can work out if she does partially or she doesn't manage to try because she's too weak, whatever you'd prefer
I'd lean toward not managing to, or managing to only very partially heal him if you have your heart set on having her try- Since it'll stay in her system forever, but Jono'll only have to live with it until he blows his lungs out again anyhow, the consequences are less permanent for him if he get saddled with the world's worst case of smoker's lung for a while.
She can try, but witchblood is unable to be expelled from her the way stuff usually is because it's ~*special maaaaagic*~ (which is why she can't just magically heal Karla when she's poisoned). I'm cool with her only being able to take in a little and discovering that, so we have it for the future? But it WILL linger in her body forever--or, at least, a wicked long time.
Yep! Just saying that due to Pride and caring too much about certain people she may think she doesn't care and will have to be stopped. Stubborn girl. ;) (Karla's probably going to have to flat out order her not to heal her in the future when she gets poisoned.)
Want Momoko to pull Raven off him? Or Dinah might be better, since she’d recognize it. Offering Momo because of the whole ‘created to stop a demon’ thing so she can probably reach Raven when down that deep, but so can Dinah, so I’mma gonna stop typing now, yeah.
(Momo recharges a powerpack for Jono)
RAVEN IS SO GROUNDED! That being said, Karla will be okay with Raven trying to Heal Jono at first, because she has no idea that the witchblood will linger in her, tho she will caution Raven to just take a little at a time so she doesn't go crazy with agony or whatever.
And later, when Karla's poisoned for realsies, Karla will order her to STOP if she has to. OR BAN HER FROM THE SICK ROOM AND SO THERE! (Don't worry, bb, I have plenty of other stuff Raven can do instead. I got your back.)

*Thread 3: Warren tells Karla she IS CRAZY AND SO IS EVERYONE ELSE DONE


*Thread 5: Brainstorming options TO-DO

Finish thread 2
Finish thread 5
20th-Aug-2013 11:16 pm - Witchblood Plot - Post 7
7. Dinah & Momoko evac the village, yay! (09/01)
*Post is for: Dinah, Momoko, NPCs
*Posted by: Dinah or Momoko

Finish Preplay
20th-Aug-2013 11:15 pm - Witchblood Plot - Post 6
6. Jono (led by aerial support) makes it to a cave, so they don't run off a cliff. Jono shuts the mouth with a shield. Powered by a battery that he doesn't have much more juice in. (09/01 Morning or Afternoon)
*Post is for: Jono, Raven, NPCs
*Posted by: Jono

Jono hangs out in the cave & Karla calls him

*Karla and Raven argue DONE

*Raven teleports in, just as the shield fails. People run, it's bad all around. DONE

20th-Aug-2013 11:14 pm - Witchblood Plot - Post 5
5. Momoko and Dinah show up and join the horror parade (08/31 night or 09/01).
*Post is for: Momoko, Dinah, Warren, NPCs
*Posted by: Momoko or Dinah
*Thread: Warren & Bob tell them about the village in the way of the smoke. They make plans for immediate evac of the village, so it does not become the off-shoot theme park DeadLand 2: The DeadLandiest

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